Magic Christmas Star




18.12.2023 – 22.12.2024

Contest organizer: Patria Voyage s.r.o., Czech Republic

Location: Czech Republic, Prague

Timing: 18.12.2023 – 22.12.2024

Patronage: World Union of Culture.



  • Art-development of an individual;
  • Establishment for the conditions for creative communication and professional growth;
  • Strengthening of the connections and mutual understanding of the participants from different countries;
  • Facilitation of the experience exchange of the team-leaders, expanding the festival participants audience;
  • Involvement of the leading cultural experts and prominent European artists in collaboration with creative teams;
  • Preservation and enhancement of the World Cultural and historical heritage.


  • Full-time participation;
  • Online participation.


The professional category — professional performers, students of the specialized educational institutions (children’s music schools, art schools, colleges, specialized schools, institutes, conservatories, academies).

The amateur category — amateur performers (children’s cultural centers, schools, art-clubs, etc.).




1.1 Pop vocal (solo, duets, groups);

1.2 Folk songs (solo, duets, groups);

1.3 Academic vocals (solo, duets, groups);

1.4 Folklore groups;

1.5 Choirs;

1.6 “Debut”(performance which is being presented on a stage for the first time);

1.7 Music video;

1.8 Rock;

1.9 Jazz.


2.1. Folk dance (folk stage, dances of the nations of the world, folk-stylized dance);

2.2. Classical dance (academic classical dance);

2.3. Ballroom dance (Latin and standard dances);

2.4. Modern choreography (jazz, modern, contemporary)

2.5. Sport dance (r&b, street jazz, hip-hop, soul…);

2.6. Pop dance (including rock ‘n’ roll, cabaret, variety show, Charleston, retro, folk stylization);

2.7. “Debut”(performance which is being presented on a stage for the first time) in any choreographic style;

2.8. Show based on a ballet program;

2.9. Latin show (solo, duets, groups);

2.10. Children’s dance.

3.Instrumental music:
3.1. Pianos;
3.2.  String and plucked instruments (solo, minor forms);
3.3. Wind instruments (solo, minor forms);
3.4. Percussion instruments (solo, minor forms);
3.5. Folk instruments (solo, minor forms);
3.6.  Orchestras and ensembles;

3.7. “Debut”(performance which is being presented on a stage for the first time).

  1. Composer’s work:

4.1. The composer – for children;

4.2 Pop and jazz music (instrumental, vocal-instrumental, ensemble music, orchestral music);

4.3. Chamber (instrumental, vocal-instrumental);

4.4. Choir music (instrumental accompaniment, or аcapella);

4.5. Symphonic music (instrumental, vocal-instrumental);

4.6. “Debut”(performance which is being presented on a stage for the first time).

5.Folk art.

  1. Original genre: circus and sports programs
  2. Fashion theatre.


8.1 Dramatic performance;

8.2 Musical performance;

8.3 A puppet show (gloves, puppet, in a shadow, etc.);

8.4 Musical;

8.5 Mimic and gesture theater.

  1. Author’s reading, recitation.
  2. Presenter, TV presenter, speaker.
  3. Art:

11.1 Painting;

11.2 Graphics.


  1. Arts and crafts.
  2. Art photography.
  3. Art video:

14.1. Full / short fiction film;

14.2. Musical film (clip, musical, musical fiction);

14.3. Animated film (full-length, short-length, fairy tale);

14.4. Documentary;

14.5. TV series;

14.6  Experimental film;

14.7. Popular science film;

14.8.  Student film;

14.9  A movie shot on a smartphone; advertising / social video;

14.10. TV program for children;

14.11. TV magazine;

14.12. TV brosdcast;

14.13. News story;

14.14. Documentaries.

  1. Fashion designer;
  2. Model/photomodel/fashion show.


Age categories in the Vocal nomination:

I Younger group:

1) subgroup under 7 y.o.;

2) subgroup 8-10 y.o.;

II Middle – group – ages 11-14;

1) subgroup 11 – 12 y.o.

2) subgroup 13 – 14 y.o.

III Elder group – 15-25  y.o.;

1) subgroup 15 – 17 y.o.;

2) subgroup 18 – 25 y.o.

IV – Adult group – 26 +;

V Adult profi group – profi 21 +;

Mixed group (more than 30% of the members are from different age categories).

Age categories for all the others nominations:

I Younger group:

1) subgroup under 6 y.o.;

2) subgroup 7-10 y.o.;

II Middle – group – ages 11-15;

III Elder group – 16-20  y.o.;

IV – Adult group – 21 +;

V Adult profi group – profi 21 +;

Mixed group.


Soloists, duets, trios present a composition with a duration lasts up to 4 minutes; Minor forms, groups (ensembles), choirs present a composition with a duration lasts up to 5 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Vocal predispositions (the temper beauty and the power of voice);
  • Performance skills (the clarity of the intonation and the quality of sound);
  • Stage performance (plasticity, performance culture, props);
  • Musicality, artistic interpretation of a musical work;
  • Disclosure of the artistic image;
  • The coherence of the repertoire to the performance capabilities and age category of the performer.


Soloists, duets, trios present a composition with a duration lasts up to 5 minutes; Minor forms, groups (ensembles) present a composition with a duration lasts up to 5 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Art skills and performance technique;
  • Compositions of the performance;
  • Stage of performance (calisthenics, costume, requisite, performance);
  • Coherence of the musical material and choreography;
  • Artistry, the disclosure of an artistic image;
  • Repertoire matching age characteristics of the performers.

Instrumental music

Soloists, duets, trios present a composition with a duration lasts up to 5 minutes; Minor forms, groups (ensembles), orchestras present a composition with a duration lasts up to 5 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Performance mastery (the instrumental skills; the sound quality, the technique, the rhythm);
  • Complexity of the repertoire;
  • Artistry (the costume, the art of the performance);
  • Coherence, the sound of the orchestra (for orchestras and ensembles).

Composer’s work

A composer presents a composition with a duration lasts up to 7 minutes, which could be presented by a composer on his/her own or by a performer provided by a composer.

Grading criteria:

  • Performance mastery (the instrumental skills; the sound quality, the technique, the rhythm);
  • Complexity of the repertoire;
  • Artistry (the costume, the art of the performance);
  • Coherence, the sound of the orchestra (for orchestras and ensembles);
  • Structure identity;
  • Originality of the idea;
  • Artistic expression.
  • Innovativeness;

Folklore artistry

Folklore – ethnographic groups and soloists should perform two performances of a different character or one ritual (or a scene), based on folk customs and rituals, with a total duration of up to 10 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Performer’s mastery;
  • Composition of the performance;
  • Artistry (plasticity and flexibility of movements, costume, requisite, performance culture);
  • Artistry, and the disclosure of an artistic image;
  • Expressiveness and the emotionality of the performers;
  • Musical accompaniment.

Original genre: circus and sports programs

Acrobatic etude, air-sports balance, gymnastics, cheerleading, majorettes and drummers, circus composition. Soloists perform their show with a total duration of up to 5 minutes, groups of the original genre perform their show with a total duration of up to 7 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Performance mastery;
  • Training level;
  • Complexity of the performing program;
  • Artistry (the costume, the requisite).

Fashion theater

Participants present 2 collections with a total duration of up to 8 minutes; For each collection should be presented photos; brief annotation revealing the intent.

 Grading criteria:

  • Originality and novelty of the idea;
  • Costumes design;
  • Artistry, plastic, defile technique;
  • The integrity of the idea of ​​the show (the relationship of all components: directing, music, costume, theatricality, entertainment, acting);
  • Matching costumes to the age of the participants.


Participants demonstrate the play (or a piece) with a duration up to 15 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Performers’ artistry;
  • Performers’ mastery;
  • Correspondence of the repertoire to the age of performers;
  • Culture of the performance;
  • Musical accompaniment;
  • The Originality of the costumes;
  • The Artistic level of personification;
  • Expressiveness of the performers.

Author’s reading, recitation

Author’s reading (own composition) or literary reading (prose, poetry, tale, literary and musical composition). Participants represent one work with a total duration up to 5 minutes (literary and musical composition up to 7 minutes).

Grading criteria:

  • Completeness and expressiveness of the disclosure of the work theme;
  • Artistry, disclosure and vividness of artistic images;
  • Performance level;
  • Diction;
  • Complexity of the work performed;
  • Repertoire correspondence to the age characteristics of the performers.

Presenter, TV presenter, speaker

The participants provide a promo-video, video presentation of themselves, or the interview up to 5 minutes long.

Grading criteria

  • Diction (timbre of voice, diction);
  • Artistry, diction;
  • Organizational skills of the scene space;
  • Culture of speech;
  • Improvisation talent;
  • Ability to keep the attention of the audience;
  • Originality.


Two works performed in any technique in the A1, A2, A3 format are accepted from each participant.

Grading criteria

  • Artistic skill;
  • The Originality of the idea;
  • The Originality of the performance.

Arts and crafts

Up to 5 works are expected from the participant.

Grading criteria

  • Artistic skill;
  • The Originality of the idea;
  • The Originality of the performance.

Art photography*

Every participant provides up to 4 pieces of work (landscape, portrait, abstraction, photo essay, photo collage, etc.). A minimal size is A4. Photomontage is allowed.

Grading criteria:

  • Originality of angle;
  • The Artistry of the idea;
  • Quality of photography.;

Art video

Grading criteria:

  • Originality of the script idea;
  • The quality of the material;
  • Special effects;
  • Technical means;
  • Acting;
  • Emotional effect on the audience;
  • Directing.

Fashion designer

The participant, the team of participants submits to the competition: video recording showing one thematic collection with a total duration of up to 8 minutes (the designer chooses the models to demonstrate the collection on his own); collection sketches; brief annotation revealing the intent.

 Grading criteria :

  • The originality of artistic concept;
  • Design and execution of costumes;
  • Accuracy and color imagery solutions;
  • Integrity and harmony of the image;
  • Style.

Model/Photomodel/Fashion show

Fashion show: a participant represents a video of any fashion show catwalk.

Grading criteria:

  • Artistry;
  • Plasticity;
  • Catwalk technique.

Photomodel: a participant presents 5 high-quality pictures.

Grading criteria:

  • Posing skills;
  • Appearance;
  • Photogenic;
  • Image, style.

Model: a participant presents 5 high-quality pictures + video of any fashion show/ catwalk.

Grading criteria:

  • Posing skills;
  • Appearance;
  • Photogenic;
  • Image, style;
  • Catwalk technique.

* Works in such nominations as Art and graphics, art photography should comply with demanded formats, be arranged in passe-partout with the presence of fasteners for hanging.



Phonograms (minus) must be sent by e-mail no later than 20 days before the start of the competition. starsway.festivals@gmail.com in a lossless compression format, such as FLAC, WAV, or MP3.

The name of each file must contain only Latin letters. Information to be specified: the name of the team or the name and surname of the performer, as well as the name of the performance.

Attention! You must have a backup copy of the phonogram on a flash drive.

It is not allowed to perform under the phonogram + and duplicate the melody in the accompaniment (double-track).

It is allowed to use phonograms with recorded BACKING vocals (except for backing vocals that duplicate the main melody!).

The organizers provide an electronic piano with the functions of a full-fledged piano.

All works of art and photos (on the reverse side) must have the information printed in the following order:

  • Surname, name, and age of the participant;
  • Name of the work;
  • Nomination;
  • Surname, name, and patronymic name of the head of the creative team (circle, studio, etc) or teacher (if available);
  • Organization and a creative team representing the participant with the indication of the country and locality;
  • Contact phone number and address.


  • The Organizing Committee prepares and arranges the festival.
  • The Organizing Committee approves the composition of the jury.
  • Participants of the festival have the right to advertise their sponsors. To do this, participants electronically send the sponsor’s logo (if available), the company name, and the full name of the director (in advance).
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the program of the day.
  • The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying a fee to the participants) video recordings, printed and other types of products produced during the events of the festival competition and following its results.
  • Video shooting of workshops is prohibited!
  • Video shooting on a mobile phone is allowed strictly from your seat (sitting), without moving around the hall during the performances of the participants.
  • The Organizing Committee undertakes to send the exact program no later than 5 days before the start of the Festival – Competition.


creative groups and soloists (duets, trios) at the age of 4 years, without age restrictions, can take part in the competition.


  • The Jury to make decisions on the awards and prizes will consist of a number of prominent cultural figures of Europe and countries participating in the festival.
  • Grades are given out of 10. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to appeal.
  • The Jury’s decision is protocolized and unappealable.


The jury determines the winners by awarding the following diplomas to the participants of the festival:

  • Grand Prix in each category (it is possible to award 2 or more Grand Prix in one category, taking into account different categories; if the jury decides to award both the team and the soloist);
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd-degree laureate;
  • The most talented participants are offered assistance in entering the choreographic or musical Conservatory / Academy of the Czech Republic;
  • Each team receives special grants from 500 euros to 5000 euros (in equivalent);
  • Groups of 5 or more people are awarded a cup (1 per team, regardless of the number of declared age groups and categories), soloists and small groups – commemorative medals;
  • Managers and concertmasters are awarded diplomas (subject to personal attendance at the Festival).


Special awards:

  • Diploma to the youngest participant;
  • Diploma for the best costume;
  • Diploma for the best ballet master’s work;
  • Diploma for the best choreographic performance;
  • Diploma for the originality of the interpretation of the work;
  • Diploma for the best classical performance;
  • Diploma for the best performance of folk;
  • Diploma for virtuosity;
  • Diploma for artistry;
  • Diploma for the preservation and enhancement of national traditions.
  • Diploma in honor of the birthday.



Each participant of the Festival (collective or soloist) submits a completed application (the form can be found on the website www.starsway.eu or request by email starsway.festivals@gmail.com).

By sending an application, the leader (soloist) automatically confirms that he has read this Regulation of the Festival and agrees with all the points.

In response to the application and confirmation of receipt of the documents of intent, the Organizing Committee sends an invoice in the amount of 50% of the main cost of the selected package (this amount includes a non-refundable registration fee of 50 euros per person).

This amount is considered as the deposit and will be taken into account in the calculations.

After paying the bill, we will send an official invitation to participate in the festival and a confirmation of the reservation at the hotel for submission to the consulate The rest of the amount must be paid at least 3 weeks before your arrival. The festival fee is paid on site. Attention! All bank expenses are to be paid by the participant!

If the embassy refuses to grant entry visas to the participants, the Organizing Committee is not economically responsible.  In case of cancellation of the application by the participants (for any reason), the paid fees are subject to the following penalties:

  • Non-refundable registration fee of 50 euros (paid by both participants and accompanying persons), as well as:
  • cancellation 20-14 days in advance – a penalty of 60% of the total amount of payment
  • cancellation for 13-7 days-penalty of 75% of the total amount of payment
  • cancellation for 10 days in advance – a penalty of 90% of the total amount of payment
  • cancellation for 7 days or less -a fine of 100% of the total amount of payment

The organizers are not responsible for any possible damage that the participants may cause during the participation in the Festival Competition.

The organizers prepare the texts for diplomas, certificates, and letters of thanks and send them to the participants for approval in advance. In case of non-confirmation by the participants, or confirmation with errors, the organizers do not alter the above material and are not responsible for incorrectly transmitted information for diplomas by the participants.

If you want to change the information in the documents, you have to pay 7 euros for 1 document.

An individual payment should be discussed with the organizing committee.

The participants of the festival prepare a competitive program corresponding to the declared nomination.

If there is a need for a transfer, declare it no later than 15 days before arrival.

In case of cancellation of the booked transfer:

  • Cancellation in 5 days or less – a fine of 10 % of the cost is deducted
  • Cancellation within 48 hours – a fine of 100% of the cost is deducted

Deadlines for submitting applications and holding the festival:

The deadline for applying is 30 days before the start of the festival.

In the presence of biometric passports, a valid Schengen visa, or the possibility of its registration in a short time. In these cases, the application submission dates are negotiated individually.

Participation fee

Participation in the festival is paid.

Payment conditions:

Program (4 nights, 5 days):

Participants: 195 euros – with standard accommodation (+ festival fee);

Accompanying persons – 215 euros.

Program (3 nights, 4 days):

165 euros – for participants (+ festival fee), 185 euros – for accompanying.

For accommodation in a top hotel 4**** an additional fee is 20 euros for the entire stay from each.

For teams of 20 people or more, there is a special offer (20+1 manager for free). A discount for the concertmaster or the second manager is provided upon request.

Accommodation: in a hotel 3** with three or four beds in the rooms. Accommodation in hotels of higher categories or individual rooms is made by separate agreement and for an additional fee.

Meals: 4 continental breakfasts and 4 dinners.

Price includes: accommodation with 2 meals a day, every 21st place for the head is free of charge, prize cups for collectives; soloists, duets, trios, quartets are awarded commemorative medals with the symbols of the Festival; 1 2-hour sightseeing tour (headphones are required); registration of all necessary documents.


Festival fees:

soloists – 60 euros; model / fashion model / fashion show – 100 euros; duets – 50 euros for each participant for one nomination; trios and quartets – 40 euros / for each participant / for one nomination; small forms (5-9 people) – 35 euros; groups of 10 people – 15 euros / for each participant/for one nomination.

Additional nomination: soloists – 50 euros; duets – 40; trios / quartets – 35 euros; small forms (5-9 people) – 25 euros / person; groups of 10 people – 10 euros / for each participant. Attention! The solo category is considered the main category in the calculations, the remaining categories will be understood as additional (if the same soloist also performs in the categories of duo, trio or collective).

  • City tax 2,2 EUR/per day/per person
  • Optional excursions.
  • Entrance tickets to museums, castles.
  • Groups that travel by their transport pay for their parking in hotels and the city.
  • If the group wishes, a longer stay is possible. Price on request.
  • Accommodation in double and single rooms for an additional fee (on request).
  • There is an extra payment for the headphones for excursions, the cost of 2,5 euros per person for one tour.
  • Lunches are optionally for 13 euros/per person in Prague. 15 EUR in Karlovy Vary. 18 EUR in Dresden.
  • Extra workshops;
  • The price does not include transport!

The program is adjusted by prior agreement. Groups that will need transportation during their stay at the Festival must make a written request in advance.

It is possible to change the tours on equivalent without additional charge, by prior arrangement.


The Program

Program (4 nights, 5 days)

Day 1.

Arrival in Prague. 15:00 – registration and accommodation of participants and guests of the festival at the hotel. Optional: Prague Castle tour (Attention! The reservation of headphones is mandatory.), a visit to the unique Black Theater (children’s ticket up to 10 years – 16 euros, student ticket up to 11-17 years – 18 euros, adult – 20 euros). 18:00 – Dinner.

Day 2.

Breakfast. Sightseeing walking tour of Prague (Attention! The reservation of headphones is mandatory.), which will introduce you to the pearls of the Old and New Cities, unique sculptural compositions of the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square. Optional: guided boat trip (cost 12 euros – 1 hour; 2 hours with lunch: 19 euros – children under 12 years old, 22 euros – from 12 years old). Dinner.

Day 3.

Breakfast.  Acquaintance with the venue, technical services of the stage, consultations, rehearsals. A competitive program of performances for the evaluation of the jury. The competition will be held in one of the halls of Prague.

Day 4.

Breakfast. Free time in the city. Optional: excursions (Karlovy Vary/ Dresden/ Vienna/ Nuremberg). Dinner.

Day 5.

Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel before 10.00. Saying ‘goodbye’ to Prague. Departure.

Groups, that will need a transport should contact us additionally.

The days of excursions could be changed.

Attention! In case of rejection of excursions according to the program, the money will not be refunded. In case of being late for more than 15 minutes, the transport ordered from the organizers will be cancelled without a refund.

Online participation

  1. The participant gets acquainted with the Status of the festival-competition. In case of agreement with the terms of participation — sends to the e-mail of the Organizing Committee starsway.festivals@gmail.com a completed application and a link to a video recording of the competition performance in high quality (at least 720p or HD), uploaded to www.youtube.com
  2. The quality and format of the video must meet the following parameters: horizontal frame position, resolution 1280×720 (or higher), sound quality 160p.
  3. The Organizing Committee assigns a registration number to the participant, which it reports to the participant’s e-mail, and also issues an invoice for the payment of the festival fee.
  4. Competitive videos will be posted on the channel of the Stars Way Festival Movement at the link http://www.youtube.com/STARSWAYfestivals .
  5. The results of the contest will be published on the official website www.starsway.eu after the evaluation by the jury members.
  6. By submitting an application and a video recording, the participant of the contest automatically confirms his consent to the use of the material by third parties (organizers, jury members, other participants of the contest), as well as for posting the video on the organizer’s website.
  7. The organizers of the festival-competition are not responsible to the authors of the works and songs performed by the participants of the festival-competition.
  8. The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information specified in the application and the correctness of the materials provided.
  9. Materials that do not meet the competition requirements may be withdrawn from the competition by the organizing committee.

Festival fee:

  • Soloists (including nominations 10, 11, 12 for individuals) – 35 euros
  • Duo, trio, quartet – 35 euros/person.
  • Teams from 5 people – 85 euros for the whole team (if each participant needs a personal diploma, the surcharge is 5 euros per participant)

The participant receives the following diplomas in PDF format (.pdf) to the email address specified in the application.

  • diploma for the collective or a nominal diploma for the participant (soloists and small forms) with an indication of the degree awarded by the jury;
  • personal diploma for a teacher;
  • a letter of thanks for the sponsor or educational institution (by prior request).

VIP package:

A personalized diploma and a commemorative medal (for collectives – a cup) with the logo of the festival by registered mail.

Additional payment: 20 euros for a participant – soloists, duo, trio, quartet; 40 euros for a team – a team of 5 people (cup + diploma).

If you wish to order additional letters of thanks to sponsors, concertmasters, teachers, teachers of additional education, managers, directors, etc. (their names should also be indicated in the application).

The cost is 5 euros for each additional letter.