Netherlandish Golden Tulip 2021

03.02.2021 - 10.02.2021

Holland, Amsterdam



Netherlandish Golden Tulip 2021


The contest takes place on 3rd February 2021

                                                Location — Holland, Amsterdam

Deadline for applications submitting — till 29 January 2021 (included)

Results will be posted — 10th February 2021


Contest organizer: Patria Voyage s.r.o., Czech Republic

Partner: Slavische school Carrousel

Patronage: World Union of Culture

Media partner: Mozaika TV – European Online TV Channel



(absentee participation)



  • Art-development of an individual;
  • Establishment for the conditions for creative communication and professional growth;
  • Strengthening of the connections and mutual understanding of the participants from different countries;
  • Facilitation of the experience exchange of the team-leaders, expanding the festival participants audience;
  • Involvement of the leading cultural experts and prominent European artists in collaboration with creative teams;
  • Introduction to the cultural scene of the Czech Republic;
  • Preservation and enhancement of the World Cultural and historical heritage;
  • Identification of talents and assistance with admissions to European specialized Universities.


Art groups and soloists (duets, trio) from the age of 4 with no age limitations can participate in the contest.


The professional category — professional performers, students of the specialized educational institutions (children’s music schools, art schools, colleges, specialized schools, institutes, conservatories, academies)

The amateur category — amateur performers (children’s cultural centers, schools, art-clubs, etc.).


Amateur Format — the video clip can be shot in any format or perspective (on stage, in the nature on the concert, from a different competition etc.).

Professional Video Clip — a video clip of the performance or contest/concert filmed with a professional camera.


  1. Baby group – ages 4-5;
  2. Younger group – ages 6-10;

III. Middle – group – ages 11-15;

  1. Elder group – ages 16-20;

IV.a. Elder profi group – ages 21+; students of the conservatories etc.

  1. Adult age group – ages 21+;

V.a. Adult profi group – ages 21+; students of the conservatories etc.

  1. Mixed group (more than 30% of the members are from different age categories).


  1. An applicant should carefully learn the Contest Guidelines. In case of his/her approval of the conditions — he/she sends out the fulfilled application ( and the video recording of the performance by email to the Organizing Committee.
  2. The video recording should be of good quality, min 720 pixels, or HD quality (we recommend download the video via
  3. The Organizing Committee provides a personal registration number to each candidate, which is being sent to the email of the applicant. Also, each applicant is provided with an account number for the festival fee payment.
  4. The video recordings of the festival will be placed on official Festival channel Stars Way, under the following link:
  5. The results of the festival contest will be disclosed on the official website
  6. By sending out the application and the video recording, each applicant automatically gives permission for material to be used by third parties (organizers, jury members, other members of the competition), as well as permission of material to be placed on the website of the organizer.
  7. Organizers of the festival contest do not have any responsibilities to the authors of the works and songs.
  8. The applicant is responsible for the accuracy of the information in the application and the correctness of the materials provided.
  9. Materials that do not meet the contest requirements may be withdrawn from the contest by the organizing committee.


* The participant prepare one or two performance in each nomination (on their own will, max. duration of both – up to 7 min.)

* Each participant or team of participants can participate in the unlimited number of different nominations.

* Each nomination mentioned above can be called during “Debut”, performance which is being presented on the scene as the first one.

* Works under the nominations of paintings and graphics, art photography, must comply with the required formats, organized in a folder including mounts for hanging.

1.    Vocal:

Pop vocal, folk songs, academic vocals, rock, jazz, folklore groups, choirs, vocal-instrumental category, authors song, etc.

Grading criteria:

  • Vocal predispositions (the temper beauty and the power of voice);
  • Performance skills (the clarity of the intonation and the quality of sound);
  • Stage performance (calisthenics, performance culture, props);
  • Musicality, artistic interpretation of a musical work;
  • Disclosure of the artistic image;
  • The coherence of the repertoire to the performance capabilities and age category of the performer.

2.    Choreography

Folk dance (folk stage, dances of the nations of the world), folk-stylized dance, academic classical dance, ballroom dance (Latin and standard dances), modern choreography (jazz, modern, contemporary), sport dance, street dance (R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul…), scenic dance (including rock ‘n’ roll, cabaret, variety show, charleston), children’s dance, show based on a ballet program, Latin show, oriental dance.

Grading criteria:

  • Art skills and performance technique;
  • Compositions of the performance;
  • Stage of performance (calisthenics, costume, requisite, performance);
  • Coherence of the musical material and choreography;
  • Artistry, the disclosure of an artistic image;
  • Repertoire matching age characteristics of the performers.

3.    Original genre: circus and sports programs

Acrobatic etude, air-sports balance, gymnastics, cheerleading, majorettes and drummers, circus composition. Soloists perform their show with a total duration of up to 5 minutes, groups of the original genre perform their show with a total duration of up to 7 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Performance mastery;
  • Training level;
  • Complexity of the performing program;
  • Artistry (the costume, the requisite).

4.    Instrumental music:

Pianos, string and plucked instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments, folk instruments, orchestras and ensembles.

Grading criteria:

  • Performance mastery (the instrumental skills; the sound quality, the technique, the rhythm);
  • Complexity of the repertoire;
  • Artistry (the costume, the art of the performance);
  • Coherence, the sound of the orchestra (for orchestras and ensembles).

5.    Composer’s work:

The composer – for children, pop, and jazz music (instrumental, vocal-instrumental, ensemble music, orchestral music), chamber, choir music, (instrumental accompaniment, or аcapella), symphonic music (instrumental, vocal-instrumental)

Grading criteria

  • Performance mastery (the instrumental skills; the sound quality, the technique, the rhythm);
  • Complexity of the repertoire;
  • Artistry (the costume, the art of the performance);
  • Coherence, the sound of the orchestra (for orchestras and ensembles).

6.    Folklore artistry:

Folklore – ethnographic groups and soloists should perform two performances of a different character or one ritual (or a scene), based on folk customs and rituals, with a total duration of up to 10 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Performer’s mastery;
  • Composition of the performance;
  • Artistry (plasticity and flexibility of movements, costume, requisite, performance culture);
  • Artistry, and the disclosure of an artistic image;
  • Expressiveness and the emotionality of the performers;
  • Musical accompaniment.

7.    Theatre:

Dramatic performance, musical performance, musical, mimic and gesture theater, a puppet show (gloves, puppet, in a shadow, etc.). Participants demonstrate the performance (or a passage) with a longitude of up to 15 minutes.

Grading criteria:

  • Performers’ artistry;
  • Performers’ mastery;
  • Correspondence of the repertoire to the age of performers;
  • Culture of the performance;
  • Musical accompaniment;
  • The Originality of the costumes;
  • The Artistic level of personification;
  • Expressiveness of the performers.

8.    Author’s reading, recitation:

Author’s reading (own composition) or literary reading (prose, poetry, tale, literary and musical composition). Participants represent one work with a total duration of up to 5 minutes (literary and musical composition up to 7 minutes).

Grading criteria:

  • Completeness and expressiveness of the disclosure of the work theme;
  • Artistry, disclosure and vividness of artistic images;
  • Performance level;
  • Diction;
  • Complexity of the work performed;
  • Repertoire matching age characteristics of the performers.

9.    Presenter, TV presenter, Stand-up, Showman.

The participants provide a promo-video, video presentation of themselves, or the interview up to 5 minutes long.

Grading criteria

  • Diction (timbre of voice, diction);
  • Artistry, diction;
  • Organizational skills of the scene space;
  • Culture of speech;
  • Improvisation talent;
  • Ability to keep the attention of the audience;
  • Originality.

10.  Art:

Painting, graphics. Two works performed in any technique in the A1, A2, A3 format are accepted from each participant.

Grading criteria

  • Mastery of art;
  • The Originality of the idea;
  • The Originality of the performance.

11.  Arts and crafts

Only the original work of the participant in any technique of the performance will be evaluated in the program of the contest.

Grading criteria:

  • Art mastery;
  • The Originality of the idea;
  • The Originality of the performance.

12.  Art photography

Every participant provides up to 4 pieces of work (landscape, portrait, abstraction, photo essay, photo collage, etc.). The minimum format is A4. Photomontage allowed

Grading criteria:

  • Originality of angle;
  • The Artistry of the idea;
  • Quality of photography.

13.  Art video.

Full / short fiction film; musical film (clip, musical, musical fiction); animated film (full-length, short-length, fairy tale); documentary; TV series; experimental film; popular science film; student film; a movie shot on a smartphone; advertising / social video; TV program for children; teleregister; TV reportage; news story; newsreel.

Grading criteria:

  • Originality of the script idea;
  • The quality of the material;
  • Special effects;
  • Technical means.

14.  Fashion theater.

Participants submit to the competition: video recording showing one thematic collection with a total duration of up to 8 minutes;1-3 professional photos; brief annotation revealing the intent.

Grading criteria:

  • Originality and novelty of the idea;
  • Costumes design;
  • Artistry, plastic, defile technique;
  • The integrity of the idea of ​​the show (the relationship of all components: directing, music, costume, theatricality, entertainment, acting);
  • Matching costumes to the age of the participants.

15.  Fashion designer.

The participant, the team of participants submits to the competition: video recording showing one thematic collection with a total duration of up to 8 minutes (the designer chooses the models to demonstrate the collection on his own); collection sketches; brief annotation revealing the intent.

Grading criteria :

  • The originality of artistic concept;
  • Design and execution of costumes;
  • Accuracy and color imagery solutions;
  • Integrity and harmony of the image;
  • Style.


  • The Jury to make decisions on the awards and prizes will consist of a number of prominent cultural figures of Europe and countries participating in the festival.
  • Grades are given out of 10. The decision of the jury is final and not subject to appeal.
  • In case of an uncertain situation the Head of the Jury has the final word.
  • The Jury’s decision is protocolized and unappealable.


The jury will allocate the following prices to the winners of the competition:

  • Super Grand Prize
  • Grand Prize in every category it is possible to award 2 Grand Prizes in each category, in case the jury decides to award both, the team and the individual prize.
  • Laureates of the first, second, and third category.
  • Diploma of the first, second, and third category.


Special awards The jury has the right to award additional special prizes managers, teams, and individual competitors, depending on the performance level represented.

Award duplication is possible

*Each participant receives a general diploma (without any notice that the competition was held online)


·      A Discount certificate for a festival fee for  participation in any real-time festival of the European festival project STARS WAY (EU). * subject to the purchase of a standard package

·      The most talented participants will be offered assistance in entering the Czech choreographic or musical conservatory

·      Public sympathy award for the participant with the largest number of votes in the YouTube channel


Festival fees:

Soloists (including nominations 10,11,12 for individuals) – 35 EUR

Duet, trio, the quartet – 20 EUR/participant

Teams of 5 people or more – 85 EUR/per team

Fashion designer – 45 EUR


The participant receives the following diplomas in PDF (.pdf) file format sent to the email address.

  • A diploma for the team or a personal diploma for an individual (soloists and small groups) with an award granted by a jury
  • Personal diploma for a teacher (art director)
  • One thank you letter to the sponsor or school (upon prior request)


Personal diploma and festive medal (festive trophy cup for ensembles and formations) by surface mail on postal address filled in the application form.

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT:20 EUR per participant for soloists (duet, trio, quartet), 40 EUR per ensemble team or formation (5 and more participants)


If those participants want to order an additional thank you letter (extra payment 5EUR per one) to sponsors, accompanists, teachers, teachers of additional education, leaders, directors, etc., their names need to be included on the application in advance.